on one’s period 月經期 / 生理期

月經最正式的講法是 menstrual period,而大部分的人都會說 period(s)

menstrual cycle 月經週期

M.C. 其實是 menstrual cycle 的縮寫,是月經週期的意思

Every woman’s menstrual cycle is different, each ranging from 24 to 37 days.(每個女人的月經週期因人而異,通常大概是 24 至 37 天。)

miss one’s period 月經沒來

Sally missed her period. Is there any chance that she’s pregnant?(Sally 月經沒來,有沒有可能她懷孕了?)

late period 月經遲來

My period is late. I guess it’s because I’ve been sleeping so little these days.

cramp(s) 經痛 / 生理痛

Sorry. I can’t come out tonight. I have bad cramps right now.

feel bloated 肚子很脹

I feel so bloated. I think my period’s going to come soon.

sanitary pad/napkin, maxi pad or pad 衛生棉

panty liner 衛生護墊

tampon 衛生棉條

menstrual cup 月亮杯

資料來源: 希平方 https://www.hopenglish.com/periodenglish



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